William Kirkgaard

I am a web developer with 2+ years of experience and I develop responsive websites using Bootstrap, PHP, JavaScript / JQuery, HTML5 / CSS3, and Java maven Spring 4 MVC for standard web hosting, cloud, and dedicated Linux based servers. I provide high quality and attention to detail websites and applications to ensuring better experiences. I collaborate with teams of product owners, engineers, designers, testers, and quality assurance to solve complex problems. I am committed to high qua lity and standards to produce products like no other to take your business to the next level.

Why Mil-Spec Web?

I began my career in the US Navy as an Avionics Technician, I maintained, repaired, inspected, and troubleshot highly complexed computer systems on military aircraft. After 5 years of service I moved on to General Dynamics C4 Systems as a test technician, testing and troubleshooting prototype US Army two channel radios. I taught myself programming a few years ago I started with C/C++ and Java and then I moved to web programming such as PHP, HTML, JavaScript etc. Then Mil-Spec Web came along as a tribute to my origins in the US Navy (Mil-Spec in military terms means Military Specifications as each product that is a mil-spec has been deemed worthy through extensive government testing) although these websites and applications are not tested by the government it is the quality that is put into them that makes them Mil-Spec Web. Further experiences in web and application development comes from American Express as I was a programmer analyst, developing source control managers, variable managers, and testing software for American Expresses Credit Authorization Service.